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Cooking With Nouns is a sample of one of the hip-hop songs created to teach educational content. This is not the best representation of their work.  However, they also offer the following samples, which many of which are much better examples:

How The Nervous System Works – Science

Types of Rocks – Science (A favorite)

The French Revolution – Social Studies

The Odyssey – Social Studies (found on Vimeo)

Battle of the Alamo – Social Studies

The History of Colonial America – Social Studies

Martin Luther King Jr. – Social Studies

History of the United Nations – Social Studies

Area & Perimeter – Math (A favorite)

Multiplying and Dividing Integers – Math

What Are Pronouns? – Language Arts

Points of View – Language Arts

What is Setting? – Language Arts

What is Hyperbole? – Language Arts

Figurative Language (Juxtaposition, Metaphor, and more) – Language Arts

The 5 Types of Text Structure – Language Arts


One that I like a lot, but it may not be free is Earth Layers & Plate Tectonics – Science


Managing Worrying and Anxiety for Kids


Disclaimer: This is NOT a FREE service, but there is a free trial to explore their songs.!



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