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Photo credit: Flocabulary Cooking With Nouns is a sample of one of the hip-hop songs created to teach educational content. This is not the best representation of their work.¬† However, they also offer the following samples, which many of which are much better examples: How The Nervous System Works – Science Types of Rocks – […]

Wonderful Writing Techniques

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Photo credit: Ted-Ed Kate Messner shares “How to Build a Fictional World“, on Ted-Ed, to help writer’s understand the rules that are required to suspend the audience’s sense of disbelief. Nalo Hopkinson describes “How to Write Descriptively“, on Ted-Ed, to help writers create an engaging world that reader’s can viscerally experience firsthand. Nadia Kalman teaches […]

Silly Sticker Movies

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Photo credit: Toy Theater Sticker Movies is a game (developed by Toy Theater) to teach students how to make animations. Kids can pick a background for a setting, characters, and then begin recording. Animations can last up to 30 minutes. Recording will not pick up the cursor when filming. Students can move their characters, flip […]