Emotions Run Rampant!

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Photo credit: Creative Commons (located at https://gooloc.com/hand-drawn-funny-expressions-vector-icons/amp/) Linked below, I have an assignment sheet for an activity that I have my art class do at the beginning of the year to develop stories with more emotions. Students are creating 45 different facial expressions that show a broader set of unique emotions, which they will later […]

The Realistic Cartoon Art Of Robert DeJesus

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Photo credit for all photos on this page: Robert DeJesus Robert DeJesus is an established artist who has worked for Marvel, Dark Horse, Antarctic Press, and HarperCollins. According to his Patreon page, “he is probably most known for was designing and drawing Banzai Chibi Chan for PlayStation Magazine”. DeJesus also has a How I Draw […]

The Elements Of Art

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 Photo credit: The Lost Sock Art Teacher (Tabby Anny) I apologize for the blurry thumbnails, but you should be able to find clearer images by following the links. It will be easier to read the smaller writing with the clearer images. I like this anchor chart for teaching students about the elements of art which […]


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Photo credit: Flocabulary Cooking With Nouns is a sample of one of the hip-hop songs created to teach educational content. This is not the best representation of their work.  However, they also offer the following samples, which many of which are much better examples: How The Nervous System Works – Science Types of Rocks – […]

Wonderful Writing Techniques

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Photo credit: Ted-Ed Kate Messner shares “How to Build a Fictional World“, on Ted-Ed, to help writer’s understand the rules that are required to suspend the audience’s sense of disbelief. Nalo Hopkinson describes “How to Write Descriptively“, on Ted-Ed, to help writers create an engaging world that reader’s can viscerally experience firsthand. Nadia Kalman teaches […]

Silly Sticker Movies

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Photo credit: Toy Theater Sticker Movies is a game (developed by Toy Theater) to teach students how to make animations. Kids can pick a background for a setting, characters, and then begin recording. Animations can last up to 30 minutes. Recording will not pick up the cursor when filming. Students can move their characters, flip […]