Wonderful Writing Techniques

Photo credit: Ted-Ed

Kate Messner shares “How to Build a Fictional World“, on Ted-Ed, to help writer’s understand the rules that are required to suspend the audience’s sense of disbelief.

Nalo Hopkinson describes “How to Write Descriptively“, on Ted-Ed, to help writers create an engaging world that reader’s can viscerally experience firsthand.

Nadia Kalman teaches “Three Anti-Social Skills to Improve Your Writing“, on Ted-Ed, to improve your characters dialog.

Matthew Winkler unravels the mystery of “What Makes a Hero“, on Ted-Ed, to help writer’s recognize the formula for writing an adventure story.

Tim Adams explains how hero’s have declined from a Godly state to a highly flawed anti-hero in “An Anti-Hero of One’s Own“, on Ted-Ed.

David E. Rivas deconstructs “Why Tragedies Are Alluring“, on Ted-Ed, to clarify how writer’s can use fear and pity to evoke an emotional response in your audience.

Cheri Steinkellner unravels “How to Make Your Writing Funnier“, on Ted-Ed, to help writer’s find and exploit the unexpected incongruities.

Jessica Wise clarifies “How Fiction Can Change Reality“, on Ted-Ed, to show that stories can change society’s commonly held points-of-view as well as society’s behaviors.



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