Making Homophones Less Scary

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¬†Photo credit: Nessy Learning LLC This video from Nessy provides visual mnemonics to help students remember which version of their/there to use. I also remember that all three words start with the word “the”. This helps students keep from flipping the “e” and the “i” in the word their.   Photo credit: Teach Starter I […]

Why Is Plagiarism So Wrong?

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Photo credit: Turnitin, LLC iThenticate is a software developed by, which checks for plagiarism. Their software checks over 155 million published items in search of duplicate materials. This article that they have published, titled, “6 Consequences of Plagiarism” discusses the incredible importance of academic and professional honesty, as well as the consequences assigned for […]

Arguments Against Climate Change

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Photo credit: Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) In a survey (from Leiserowitz, A., Maibach, E., Roser-Renouf, C., Rosenthal, S., & Cutler, M.)¬†published as Climate change in the American mind in May 2017, 90% of Americans understand that their is a scientific consensus that global warming is occurring. Arguments exist which deny that climate change is occurring. […]