Human Traits Lab

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Photo credit: Manhattan Beach Unified School District The Observing Human Traits Lab is a great activity that provides students a way to make observations about genetic traits, collect data, and to look for patterns to determine which traits might be dominant or recessive. Disclaimer: As scientists gain more insights, we are learning that some observable […]

The DNA Journey

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Photo credit: Momondo is a travel search site that believes that travel broadens people’s minds by expanding their experiences. Ultimately, they hope that people will travel more as they find that the differences of others are a source of inspiration rather than intolerance and prejudice. To help humanity tear down barriers, and to bridge […]

Math Bee

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Photo credit: TeachMe, Inc. Math Buzz is a fun game for practicing pre-k to 8th grade math skills like arithmetic (adding, subtracting, dividing, & multiplication), estimating, fractions, decimals, pre-algebra, and algebra. Disclaimer: The artwork makes it look like this game is for a young audience, but the 8th grade math problems are challenging for those […]