I am a math nerd, which means I am enthusiastic about mathematics and the powerful way in which we all communicate using numbers! I do not have my math endorsement, yet. I missed the test benchmark by 5 points, on my 1st attempt, but I am pretty close. However, I work math into my lesson plans whenever I can, including my art classes. I have also taught in many math classes as a  substitute teacher. Below, you will find my guiding principle for math.

In mathematics, we communicate using numbers, to better understand quantity, space, structure and change. We also seek to find patterns, as we do in science, literature, and art. We use math to better comprehend our world, to extract order from chaos, and to make it a more predictable place.

Mr. Berg, the math nerd



To highlight the challenges that people with dyscalculia face in mathematics, I am listing some information here to help people better understand dyscalculia, as well as providing some resources below:

Misunderstood Minds – PBS


Resources for people with dyscalculia:

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