I am a science nerd, which means I am enthusiastic about science, and I love to help others get excited about science too! I’ve taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade science, as well as Summa science for 6th and 7th grade, which are advanced placement classes. Below, you will find a guiding principle that I have posted in my classroom to give students a sense of purpose and direction.

We study science in this classroom to not only learn about ourselves, but also to learn about the world we live in, and to learn about how we fit in the Universe. Moreover, we are learning about more than just the passion of scientific literacy; we are learning about how to become powerful communicators. We communicate using equations, as well as with words and visuals. Not only are we learning about how to become powerful communicators; we are learning about how to become compassionate members of a global community.


“In the classroom, I observed Mr. Berg to be a very organized, calm, dependable curriculum planner and classroom manager. The lessons he prepared were extensively planned and he worked very intentionally at including activities that would result in increased student engagement. He excels in his interest in teaching science and in his knowledge of the subject matter; he genuinely appears to enjoy teaching and being willing to put forth the effort required to connect to students in a way that will help them make progress in their learning.”

– Ms. Ott, Principal

Mr. Berg, the science nerd