Fun Figurative Language Game

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Photo credit: Cell Shock is a game that students can play to practice identifying figurative language (similes, metaphors, hyperbole, personification) and sensory details. The vehicle can move between the floor and the ceiling tiles to move around. When they find the battery that has the correct answer, the player charges it up. When 3 […]

Recommended Books

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Sharing interesting books is a great way to develop a joy of reading. Books are incredible because of their interesting plots, charismatic characters, imaginative settings, eventful adventures, unraveled mysteries, and explored human dramas hook readers. Disclaimer: Please buy the books below to support the efforts of the writers, illustrators, and the publishers that make books […]

Active Vs. Passive Voice

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Photo credit: BYU MCOM See the video above, to see how active voice is achieved by keeping the subject and verb close to each other within a sentence. Photo credit: BYU MCOM Watch this video to see how to use strong verbs in active voice. It helps to clarify, by first knowing who is doing […]