Light Reveals The Mysterious Past Of Our Universe

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Photo credit: Melodysheep Waves Of Light is a song that celebrates the importance of light in understanding the history of the Universe. I like to use the short video clips as inspirational brain breaks that foster wonder and interest in learning about the various fields of science.

How Many Types of Energy Are There?

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Photo credit: expertmathstutor Types of Energy is a brief video clip that describes the different types of energy that we discuss in class. Nuclear energy Thermal/Heat energy Light energy (referred to as radiant energy) Sound energy Electrical energy Gravitational potential energy Kinetic energy (referred to as motion energy) Chemical energy Elastic energy (referred to as […]


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Photo credit: Flocabulary Cooking With Nouns is a sample of one of the hip-hop songs created to teach educational content. This is not the best representation of their work.¬† However, they also offer the following samples, which many of which are much better examples: How The Nervous System Works – Science Types of Rocks – […]