Amazing Animal Adaptation Evolution

Photo credit: The History Channel

As students learn about the various systems of the body, I like to break up some of the work on packets with some small labs and with 4 episodes from the series titled Evolve from the History Channel. I like to show the episode titled “Skin” when students learn about the integumentary system. I show “Eyes” when we reach the nervous system. When we reach the digestive system, I like to show “Guts“, and sometimes “Jaws” too.

These videos spark curiosity for the topics of “genetics”, and “evolution” which students will learn more about in 7th and 8th grade.

Disclaimer: These videos are not free, but they are high quality videos and engaging! Sometimes, unauthorized versions are found on the internet for short periods of time, but I highly recommend purchasing a copy to ensure that they are on hand when you need them. They may also be available through school libraries, or through city libraries, but the wait time and the lead time for delivery, may be long. Do a quick search for a great bargain.

Lastly, your class of 6th grade students may need a certain level of maturity for the video “Skin”.

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