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Making Homophones Less Scary

 Photo credit: Nessy Learning LLC

This video from Nessy provides visual mnemonics to help students remember which version of their/there to use. I also remember that all three words start with the word “the”. This helps students keep from flipping the “e” and the “i” in the word their.


Photo credit: Teach Starter

I also found this video from Teach Starter which features the Grocks. Although my wife like the approach of the Nessy video best, I do like that this video teaches students about the third version of they’re, which is the contraction for “they are”. I also like that this video explains that homophones can be spelled the same with two or more unique meanings, or that the meanings can be different as well as the spellings. Homophones can also have different origins.


Photo credit: Waterford Institute

Homophone Monkey is a song that teaches about homophones. It is catchy, so I added it here.





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