Emotions Run Rampant!

Photo credit: Creative Commons (located at https://gooloc.com/hand-drawn-funny-expressions-vector-icons/amp/)

Linked below, I have an assignment sheet for an activity that I have my art class do at the beginning of the year to develop stories with more emotions. Students are creating 45 different facial expressions that show a broader set of unique emotions, which they will later use for the characters that they will create.

45 Expressions – updated Sept 2017

Listed below are some more resources for drawing eyes, noses, mouths, and complete facial expressions:

1) A Bunch of Expressions

Photo credit: sharkie19



2) Eye Tutorial

Photo credit: artofpan



3) Eyes

Photo credit: Griz and Norm



4) Eyes Expressiveness Study

Photo credit: Azeher

Here is a second page of eye expressions from Azeher.



4) Nose Tutorial

Photo credit: artofpan

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