6th Grade Science

Protecting the World From Plastic

Photo Credit: “What Goes Around, Come Around” by Bonnie Monteleone

Last year, my 6th and 7th grade students collected a series of articles and videos that focus on New Energy Technologies That Reduce Climate Change. This year, I teach only 6th grade and this year’s students are tackling the problem of plastic. It is floating in the world’s ocean and filling landfills across many continents. This human-made waste is harming the environment, and especially the world’s wildlife (including nearly 700 species in our oceans). The following¬†articles and videos (shown with a red link) provide some ideas on how we can mitigate, or reduce, this problem.

New Products to Replace Plastic Products


Using Microorganisms to Break Down Plastic


Using Sunlight to Break Down Plastic

  • Soda can rings



  • Don’t buy so many products that use single-use plastic
  • Avoid products that use microbeads





Bans on Plastic Products


Plastic Made From Other Materials Than Oil




Support Organizations That are Tackling the Problem



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