Protecting the World From Plastic

Photo Credit: “What Goes Around, Come Around” by Bonnie Monteleone

Last year, my 6th and 7th grade students collected a series of articles and videos that focus on New Energy Technologies That Reduce Climate Change. This year, I teach only 6th grade and this year’s students are tackling the problem of plastic. It is floating in the world’s ocean and filling landfills across many continents. This human-made waste is harming the environment, and especially the world’s wildlife (including nearly 700 species in our oceans). The following¬†articles and videos (shown with a red link) provide some ideas on how we can mitigate, or reduce, this problem.

New Products to Replace Plastic Products


Plastic/Other Films Made From Other Materials Than Oil (less pollution; biodegradable)


Using Microorganisms to Break Down Plastic



  • My plastic free life (a blog with tips and tricks that focus on living life without purchasing plastic, especially single-use plastic)





Bans or Removal of Plastic Products




Support Organizations That are Tackling the Problem





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