Grammar Gladiator

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Grammar Gladiator is a fun game for students to play. It helps them to practice using punctuation, conjunctions, homophones, articles, and verb tenses. To select the word/punctuation mark that a player wishes to use, in order to complete the sentence at the top of the screen, the gladiator must jump on the plunger next to the volcanic vent that is under the correct or best answer. A fireball will shoot upwards through the word/punctuation mark. If it is correct, you will see a green check mark and a new sentence will appear. If it is incorrect, a red “X” will appear and some of your life energy drains away. After too many mistakes, the avatar dies. They can also die by falling off a cliff, or when fighting scorpions, trolls, or other enemies. The player also collects red gems to increase their abilities.

Disclaimers: the gladiator does fight scorpions, trolls, or other enemies while using a spear. Not all parents approve of students playing games with violence. However, this game does not show gore, which is good. Lastly, this game requires Flash.



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