The Wisdom Of Good Listening

Photo credit: Listenwise

Listenwise provides interesting podcasts for Science, Humanities, & ESL. When using articles in the classroom, this could aid students who struggle with reading text, such as students with dyslexia & ESL students. These podcasts also focus on exposing students to more complex language, vocabulary, and topics to improve their reading skills.

Here are some articles that caught my attention for middle school science:

6th grade

Types & Transformations Of Energy

Electricity & Magnetism


Cells & Body Systems


7th grade

Landform Change

Weather, Climate, & Human Impact

Cellular Process & Heredity

Forces & Interactions

Waves & Electromagnetic Radiation


8th grade


Chemical Reactions

Earth In Space

Change Over Time (In Earth’s Organisms)

Natural Selection

Disclaimer: I have not read all of these articles, but rather linked them based upon their titles, and seeming connection to the NGSS learning targets. As articles are updated, these individual article links may become obsolete over time (updated: September 2017)



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