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The website has several games that they suggest for helping students learn sight words. Here is a list with links for more information for each game:



Snakes & Ladders (A variation on the game Chutes & Ladders)


Go Fish

Donkey (A variation on the game Old Maid)

Fly Swat

Parking Lot

Bean Bag Toss


Book Land (A variation on the game Candy Land)



Four-in-a-Row (A variation on the game Connect Four)

Lucky 13 (This game also practices math skills!)

Last Card (A variation on the game Uno)


Disclaimer: These games require preparation. However, once a class set is created, it can be used over and over again each year. The links above also reduce the prep time by providing generators to help you create many of the items that you will need! I like that the generators also provide the option to customize the word fields, so that they can be used for other lessons too.


I also found a game that incorporates fidget spinners, which was a recent classroom craze!

Sight Word Spinners (Disclaimer: a $2 fee charged on Teachers Pay Teachers for this lesson)



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