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Cell Organelle Presidential Debate and Winning Candidate “Cell”ebration

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One way to deepen learning about the functionality of a cell’s organelles, as well as each one’s strengths and weaknesses is to pretend that each organelle is running for the position of president of the cell. Does the nucleus get re-elected for another term to be in charge of the cell community, or is the lysosome, or the golgi apparatus a better candidate for the job. What do they have to offer? What are the other candidates lacking? Each table group is responsible for making a poster for their candidate and for researching and preparing for the debate.

According to Anne, at plantcellbiology.com, it seems like the original idea for this project came from an AP Biology ListServ, and has been furthered each year by Mr. Graba’s high school Biology class for freshman.

Here is a Prezi presentation outlining some questions for the candidates. There are resources with good candidate posters, including one on Google Drive.

Student examples can be found at the bottom of the page. These are saved as pdfs to reduce their file size, but animations are not shown in pdfs, so they are not exactly the same as the how the first teams made them.

Disclaimer: The Lysosome slide from the other source gets carried away with the use of guns and swords, and I deleted that slide on google drive.





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