Electrifying Electromagnetism Game

Photo credit: armorgames.com

Like its namesake, Electro Magnetic is a game that uses the principles of electromagnetism. When you press the “A” key on the keyboard, electricity will run through the iron sphere which creates a magnetic field, which allows the sphere to maintain contact with walls in order to climb them. Using the batteries too long causes the them to drain. New batteries can be collected to recharge.

The goal of the game is to get the sphere to the portal on each level. The portal looks like it is sucking air into it. Passing over the green lights will give you tips on how to play. There are over 30 levels in all, with obstacles, enemies, and bosses to beat. The Armor Games web page gives more details about which keys to use for controls.

Disclaimer: This game does use energy bullets and energy blasts to defeat enemies and bosses, for those who do not like games with shooting. I have only played the first couple of levels of this game personally (due to time constrictions).


Additional resource: My main focus is to only provide free resources on this site; however, on occasion I spot something that really peaks my curiosity. The Electric Shocktopus is $5.99, but this game seems exciting and uses accurate physics; electric charges that attract and repel; magnetic fields that cause objects to spin according to Lorentz Forces; conductors that warp electric fields; and electric currents that generate magnetic fields. Students also get a sense of gravity, magnetic field strength, and charge strength from the game play.





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