Recommended Books

Sharing interesting books is a great way to develop a joy of reading. Books are incredible because of their charismatic characters, imaginative settings, and eventful adventures hook readers.

Disclaimer: Purchasing books directly supports the efforts of writers, illustrators, and the publishers that make books possible. Audio versions of books are available here to improve equity, to make books accessible to students who are blind, dyslexic, poor, or who may otherwise have difficulty accessing books.

Although efforts are made to select sites that appear to be more reputable, it is very difficult to clearly tell who has permission to distribute audio versions of written books. Links have been severed immediately when it has been discovered that certain hosts did not have permission to distribute the audio-books.

Here are some of my family’s favorites:

Photo Credit: John Maslen, illustrator (author: Bobby Lynn Maslen)
Bob Books – Set 2: Advancing Readers
Bob Books – Set 3: Compound Words & Long Vowels
Bob Books – Sight Words
Bob Books – First Stories

Photo credit: Oliver Jeffers, illustrator (author: Drew Daywalt)




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