Build a Civilization

 Photo credit: Clarus Victoria

Clarus Victoria has developed a series of games for people to explore how early communities developed. Pre-Civilization Bronze Age is a game where you make choices in how you grow your community. You assign jobs to people in order to collect resources, ensure defense, and build a wondrous structure. You will need to use strategy to survive.

Other games by Clarus Victoria are (each of these cost approximately $3.99 each to purchase):

Pre-Civilization Stone Age

Pre-Civilization Marble Age

Pre-Civilization Egypt

Egypt Old Kingdom (Not yet released)

Disclaimer: I did come across a warning that this game (Bronze Age) is for players that are nine years old or older due to infrequent/mild mature/suggestive themes. Not having played this game all the way through, I am not certain what this is referring to.





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