Other Great Songs for Kids

Photo credit: Katy Perry on Sesame Street

If there is access to technology to play videos, I have some additional songs that can be fun to play and have kids listen to them, though it can be harder for kids to sing along with these songs.

Two Different Worlds by Ed Sheeran This song is about the different behavior expectations that exist at home and at school. My daughter enjoys singing along to the chorus of this song at age 8.

Raise Your Hand on Sesame Street

Hot N Cold by Katy Perry

What I Am by will.i.am

Don’t Give Up by Bruno Mars

Power of Yet by Janelle Monae

Believe in Yourself by Michael Buble

That’s Music by Fifth Harmony

Sing by various celebrities on Sesame Street

Dancing is Easy with Jason Derulo

Outdoors by Jason Mraz

Quiero Ser Tu Amigo by Romeo Santos (English/Spanish song about making friends)

Singing about Friendship by Erykah Badu

Be a Good Friend by Gwen Stefani

Try a Little Kindness by Tori Kelly

Just Like Magic by Sara Bareilles

That’s Cooperation by Big Bird

Name Song by Maya Angelou (teaches people to be proud of their name)

These Are The People in Your Neighborhood by Ben Stiller


Elmo’s Song by Elmo (good for pre-schoolers)

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