Face-off of the Fittest!

Photo credit: TestTubeGames

The Fittest is an interesting game (developed by TestTubeGames) which teaches students that things like radiation cause individual changes in the genes (which adjust the outcome of the appearance and functionality of the next generation). The genes of the winning constructs are used as the basis for the next generation’s structure. Students choose whether they want their constructs to race for speed, strength, or traveling over uneven terrain. There are also The students machines will use these skills to challenge other constructs as they race for speed towards their opposing finish lines, as they push each other backwards, or try to climb past each other. Students can speed up the rate at which each round is played, so that they can go through several generations of change at a much faster rate.

Disclaimer: This can be an interesting game, but it was not very intuitive for me. I would encourage that instructors try it out at least once to get the hang of it, and you may need a patient and persistent class.

Bonus: When people come up with functional and successful constructs, they have the option of posting the genetic code as a comment. To try these out, copy the code and paste the code in the large box on the left hand side.

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