Amazing Alphabet Songs

Photo credit: One Direction on Sesame Street

Here are some of my favorite songs for teaching students about the names of the letters in the English alphabet:

ABC-DEF-GHI Song by Big Bird (This is a funny song that points out that students can have misconceptions whenever they attempt to learn something new). This song does show how the alphabet is used, after Big Bird finishes singing.

The Alphabet with Elmo and India Arie

The Sesame Street Alphabet

Usher’s ABC song on Sesame Street.

The Alphabet by Patti Labelle

Celebrities Sing the Alphabet featuring Ray Charles

Soul Alphabet by Ruben Studdard

ABC Hip Hop by Miles

Boogie Woogie Piggies Alphabet

Alphabet Song Remix on Sesame Street

Letter of the Day A-J with Elmo

Letter of the Day K-Z with Elmo


Here are some songs that teach students about the importance of each letter:

B is for Book by Pharrell Williams (This is less about the letter “b” and more about traveling with your imagination, by reading books)

No Letter Better by the Dixie Chicks (featuring the letter “b”)

The Letter B by B. B. King

C is for Cookie with Cookie Monster

C is for Cookie by Marilyn Horne

Dance on Sesame Street

E Eats Everything by They Might Be Giants

Soak Up The Sun by Sheryl Crow (featuring the letter “i”)

I is for Instruments by Little Big Town

What Words Begin With M? on Sesame Street

The Letter O by Queen Latifah

S is for Song by Sia (I like that Sia uses sign language too, as she sings this song)

What Makes U Useful by One Direction

U Really Got a Hold on Me by Smokey Robinson (My daughter laughs out loud to this one)

Don’t Know Y by Nora Jones


Here is a song that teaches students about the shapes of letters.

Letter Shapes by They Might Be Giants (This can be nice to check if students can tell you the name or sounds of letters)


Alphabet Lost and Found by They Might Be Giants (staring Marty Beller)

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