Sing-Along Songs (Kindergarten)

Photo credit: Sesame Street

As a former substitute teacher for Pre-K to 5th grade music classes, I always liked having age-appropriate sing-along songs handy, that students loved singing. Here are some of my favorites for Kindergarten classes (Kindergarten students can also sing many of the Pre-K songs, but add additional lines, instead of just focusing on the chorus):

Sing After Me with Ernie and Elmo (This is a good one for modeling to students how to echo in a sing-a-long song)

Wheels on the Bus (Videos available too. This is great, because it also uses hand gestures. I like to use the wheels, wipers, doors, horn, and sometimes the baby)

Old MacDonald Had a Farm (Videos available too. I like to use the following farm animals: cow, horse, sheep, donkey, pig, dog, cat, chicken, duck, & possibly a goat if you can differentiate the sound from the sheep)

A variation of the previous song is Old MacDonald Had a Zoo

If You’re Happy And You Know It

When You Wish Upon a Star (I used to love hearing this sung when the weekly Disney shows played on t.v.)

Michael Finnegan

It’s a Small World

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Five Little Ducks

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