Cow Eye Dissection

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Photo credit: As part of our body systems unit, we have frequently had students perform a cow eye has a great tutorial that walks through the dissection process step-by-step. I play and pause the video while students follow along. They also provide written instructions. The cow eye dissection is typically introduced when students […]

Cool Circuit Builder Game

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Photo credit: I like to use The FuseBox to teach 6th graders about electricity. This is a circuit builder game from Northern PowerGrid which allows students to build series circuits. One part that I like is that the game is more forgiving than when students are actually building circuits. Next, when students begin building […]

Counting to Ten; Finding Numbers 1-20 Game

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Photo credit: Critter Counter is a great way for young kids to practice counting the numbers 1 – 10. They count animals and insects and select one of three answers. They can choose from 1-5, or 1-10. Also, kids can work on number recognition with the numbers 1-20. Animals and insects are scattered throughout […]

Nail-biting Number Pattern Game

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¬†Photo credit: Zombie Paintball is a fun game that my daughter used to practice skip counting and number patterns, while in the early part of 2nd grade. The object of the game is to toss balls of paint at the zombie who has the number on its shirt that completes the number sequence. This […]

Video of Cell Functions

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Photo Credit: I like to get student’s excited about learning about cells by sharing this video titled, “Inner Life of a Cell“, from Biovisions at Harvard University. For 6th grade, I like the instrumental version, as I want students to enjoy the beauty and marvel of a cell’s inner workings. I have also seen […]

Valuable Video for Visualizing Sound Waves

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Photo credit: Prior to teaching 7th graders about sound waves, I love getting them enthusiastic about sound waves by showing them a video from Cymatics. In this video, sound waves are used to create several additional effects which are great to watch. The meaning of cymatics is the study of visible sound and vibrations. […]