Surreal Surviving Change Game

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Photo credit: Michigan State University Life Preservers was created by Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab to teach students about the anatomic relationships shared among organisms through geologic time, and the introduction of new species can dramatically change the future survival of other organisms. Disclaimer: Students pretend that they are aliens how have the ability […]

Brash Body System Survival Game

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Photo credit: Chicago’s Museum of Science + Industry Code Fred -Survival Mode- is a game that helps students understand how the various body systems work together to ensure an individual’s survival. In this story, you are helping Fred escape from a hungry wolf. Disclaimer: At one point, the wolf catches Fred and bites his leg. […]

Impish Invasive Species Game

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Photo credit: ETCglobal, Carnegie Mellon University BrainPOP has shared a game called Invasion!! (developed by students from Carnegie Mellon University) which is a great way for students to learn about the challenges of invasive species. First students learn about the lives of Asian Carp and of their initial introduction to water treatment plants. Next, students […]

Wonderful Word Building Game

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Photo credit: sesameworkshop The Electric Company on PBSkids is hosting a game called Jungle Jumble (developed by sesameworkshop) to teach kids how to identify that words can have letters, or letter combinations in common. This can help students pronounce unfamiliar words as they learn to recognize similarities between new words and words that are already […]