K-5 Science

Graceful Growing Plant

Photo credit: Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research

Extinct! is a game (developed by BBSRC) to teach kids about what plants need to survive. The player chooses a number of actions each turn to ensure survival of its genes, after September. The goal is to produce as many seeds as possible. For a farm plant, a large number of large seeds are required.

A player chooses between growing roots, leaves, stems, flowers, or dropping berries. The flower needs to survive predatory insects and time the flowers opening for when the bees visit. Each action requires different materials such as water, minerals, and sugars. These are collected based upon how many roots and leaves are present when each round is finished.

Disclaimer: This seems VERY challenging for a classroom of 15-30 Kindergartners to navigate on their own. In part, because there is a lot to read. However, a teacher, may be able to use this as a class demonstration, calling up one student at a time to help make decisions about plant growth. Or, it could be used for one-on-one tutoring.



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